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Remote Sensing Engineer



At Gmatics, we're on a mission to revolutionize Earth Observation by integrating satellite monitoring, aerial/drone surveys, geospatial databases, and Artificial Intelligence. We create digital models of reality (Digital Twins) to improve the management of cities and critical infrastructures while addressing the effects of climate change.

Our strategy: We're developing cutting-edge solutions that leverage Remote Sensing and geospatial information to tackle complex scientific challenges. We continuously enhance our platform—comprising our expertise, technologies, data, and company culture—to solve increasingly complex problems in the Earth Observation field.

For a talented, driven, and collaborative Remote Sensing Engineer, joining our team offers rapid learning, significant impact, and accelerated career progression.

We're seeking an exceptional Remote Sensing Engineer to work on our geospatial AI/ML solutions. You'll be at the forefront of developing innovative approaches to process and analyze Earth Observation data, contributing to projects that have real-world impact.

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