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The aim of the DYDAS project is to develop a collaborative platform in order to offer data, algorithms, processing and analysis services as well as business transactions with high added value by exploiting HPC and Big Data technologies, including machine learning. The platform will match demand and offer among those who own intellectual properties on data/algorithms/services and those who need to exploit them.

The platform will offer services for a wide range of users (e.g. municipalities, industry, product developers, research centres, etc.) exploiting heterogeneous data, open and proprietary algorithms, service providers, supercomputing services. The software platform ensures a secure collaboration environment, through NDA between players, and IT security to protect user case development (confidentiality) and attract more data, algorithms and service providers.

The project envisages three use cases:

Maritime – to forecast detailed marine status (waves, winds, tides, etc.) to provide regular information for public and private entities as well as to citizens involved in maritime activities.

Energy – to assess energy demand and renewable energy potential production (PV and wind) for energy planning (electricity industry sector) and energy security (government) purposes.

Mobility – to use data streaming (videos + other data) from car-sharing fleets and car black boxes for acquiring updated information about the current status of the urban environment and critical situations.


DYnamic Data Analytics Services



Innovation and Networks Executive Agency


Action No: 2018-IT-IA-0101



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