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There are many dimensions of the risk, the taking over by Operators and Public Administration is necessary: the first concerns the impact of the hydrogeological failure (problems related to the subsoil) of the cities, the second is linked to pollution from multiple sources (both natural and anthropic), the third concerns mainly the anthropogenic activities related to both the modification of the urban landscape (illicit contributions, etc.), both to pollution and the release of toxic substances into the air and on the ground.

The MUSE project aims to integrate all these risk areas and provide a complete platform of services to be offered to its interlocutors (Infrastructure Operators, Municipalities, and other stakeholders who have the task of protecting the territory, the environment and citizens).

The MUSE Group Offer will be expressed in different Areas:

Geophysical and Geodynamic area, with geophysical analysis of the soil (both in urban and peri- and extra-urban environment)
Atmospheric area, with analysis of the atmosphere close to the ground, with all its natural components and related to anthropogenic activities such as polluting gases etc.
Environmental Area, related to changes in the urban fabric with solid (i.e. abusive contributions) and liquid (i.e. spills, etc.) components.
The three areas identified above will be manned through state-of-the-art and innovative technologies, some of which are being developed and prototyped within the project.

(total project cost: 529,542.33 Euro, subsidy: 395,542 Euro)


MUltisensor based SErvices


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