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The SoCoA service intends to use ESA Sentinel high revisit and the free of charge data to provide very timely alerts to Public Administrations and professionals dealing with land planning and soil management, about changes in land use that could represent a threat to soil conservation, enabling them to take fast decisions and actions before problems consolidate. The service will be offered to customers on a subscription basis, with access through the web and an easy to use application that will provide an effective user experience both at desk and in the field.

SoCoA will target Public Administrations in charge of local land management and soil protection, as well as professionals, stakeholders and National Institutions for supporting them in their control activities and policy making.

SoCoA will tune the various parameters of the processing algorithms/methodology to be able to start serving early adopters and will prepare the implementation of a cloud service platform for a fully operational provision of the service to a large market basis. Thanks to Sentinel global coverage and to cloud upscaling capability, SoCoA intends to expand the service, initially offered in Italy, to Europe and to the International market through partnership agreements with local players and funding from additional instruments made available at European and local level.


Soil Consumption Alert



Lazio Innova S.p.A.


POR/FESR 2014-2020 Action 1.4.1


CUP F81B17001400004

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